Voluum Click Tracking Tool – 1Nxoz Redirect Voluum

Tracking….ugh. Yeah, just the sound of it makes most marketers puke. Why? Mostly because they don’t know a thing at all about it. Secondly, because they don’t have cool tools that present their data in ways that is super intuitive, even for the complete beginner, and actually kind of fun to look at and play with too.1Nxoz Redirect Voluum

That’s what makes Voluum different. Now, don’t get me wrong, Voluum is a complete beast. But compared to the other “solutions” that marketers had to resort to in the past, Voluum is definitely like 10 steps ahead of the competition.

The main thing that sets Voluum apart from all the other trackers on the market is that it’s cloud-based, which means you as the marketer don’t have to worry with and figure out complex things like dedicated servers, installing anything, and all that complex jargon that 99% don’t care about and don’t want to ever learn.1Nxoz Redirect Voluum

Voluum overall is a pretty sweet tool…the only downside is that, like most other trackers out there, it doesn’t really come with a series of training videos. It does have a somewhat helpful help section, but that’s only useful if you’ve used trackers in the past and know and understand tracker language.

So, if you really want to learn how to use it, I would recommend either attending Affiliate Summit and trying to network with other badass CPA marketers that can show you the ropes. Or checking out some of these CPA training courses.

CPA Evolution
CPA Masters Academy

If you’re at all interested in CPA marketing then you’re going to need a kickass tracker, because you have to be able to get insights into the traffic you’re sending to the offers you’re promoting…otherwise you’re just throwing money at the wind. And, in my opinion, Voluum is the absolute top solution that exists on the market currently, there really isn’t any competition.