Sumome Tracking Pixels

When it comes to lead capture tools and solutions for your website, there are dozens and dozens. But one that really stands out in the last few years is Sumo. It think what’s most impressive to me about Sumo is how they’ve been able to get some of the biggest authority websites on the planet to adopt their tool. Sumome Tracking Pixels

Sumo is basically a whole suite of tools that give you the ability to capture leads in several different ways as well as giving you suggestions and insights on analytics and actions people are taking while they’re on your website.

Compared to other tools, it’s definitely affordably priced. And it absolutely works.

I didn’t want to like it at first because it wasn’t that “pretty” – but the truth is, it outperformed some other popular paid lead capture plugins and tools I had been using previously.

Just install it for free and turn it on and you will start collecting emails from your traffic and visitors.

One of my favorite features of Sumo is Welcome Mat.

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