Solo Ads Copy – Top Solo Ad Vendors

You’ve probably heard the saying before that “the money is in the list”…

And that’s absolutely RIGHT.

Building an email list of targeted subscribers that you can remarket to over and over again is one of the fastest, simplest, most scalable and sustainable business models online.

And solo ads are one of the easiest ways to build an email list from scratch (especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money mastering the art of other paid traffic networks)

So, what are the essential tools required?

  1. You’re going to need an autoresponder. And autoresponder is the tool you use to communicate and message your email list. There are tons of options and solutions available, but I personally prefer ConvertKit.
  2. You’re going to also need a squeeze page tool. This is used to create a simple “ethical bribe” to capture their email, so that you can add them to your list. My favorite tool for this is called ClickFunnels.
  3. Last, you’re going to need TRAFFIC. Now, there’s lots of options out there when it comes to traffic sources. Some are good, some just plain suck. And the only way you figure out if a traffic source is solid or not is to test it. But, one of my main goals in writing this post is to help save you some time. So, I’ve gathered a few of my top solo ad traffic sources (in the make money online niche) and added them below…

Recommended Solo Ad Traffic Vendors


Igor Kheifets


The two last things that are very important that I need to mention, in order for you to be successful with building an email list with solo ads is that you need to pick a great offer or offers to promote and recommend.

It would also be a very good idea to write a short email sequence (series of emails) that you can drip feed and have go out automatically to your new subscribers, to help build some rapport with them as well as to introduce them to various products or services. This is essential to help cancel out some of the costs you’re paying for traffic.

Solo Ads Copy