Shopify vs Cratejoy – Cratejoy Magickal Folk

E-commerce and dropshipping have been on the rise now for the last several years, and as a result a lot of solopreneurs have been jumping on the bandwagon, setting up their on Shopify stores and getting stuff dropshipped from China using sites like Alibaba and Aliexpress.

However, another unique trend has been emerging over the last several years as well…and that’s the trend of custom and unique monthly subscriptions…such as Dollar Shave Club and Loot Crate.

Ever wonder how you could create your own Loot Crate or if there was a custom e-commerce solution available to help you do so? Sort of like the Shopify for monthly subscription services?Cratejoy Magickal Folk

Well, there is!

And it’s called Cratejoy 🙂

Cratejoy allows you to easily create and sell your own subscription service as well as provides a marketplace for you to help get your unique subscription discovered.

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