SERP Shaker Review – Serp Shaker Blackhat

SERP Shaker is an incredibly useful plugin for WordPress that allows you to create mass sites within a matter of seconds and just a few clicks.

It’s great for local lead gen or pay per call sites.

And it also has several other powerful features included, as well as extremely helpful video training on how to use the tool.

Now, in order to use it, you will need some hosting that is built to handle SERP Shaker style sites, and for this I recommend instead of popular shared hosting services like HostGator or SiteGround.

Specifically I recommend investing in a ServerPilot VPS. They start as low ast $15/month.Serp Shaker Blackhat

As I mentioned, SERP Shaker does have some excellent training that comes with it, but if you’d like some additional training that’s going to teach you how I personally use this tool for affiliate marketing, then I encourage you to check out SEO Affiliate Domination.

I use SERP Shaker in combination with one other tool (that you will learn inside SEO Affiliate Domination) to make over five figures each month consistently.