Instagram Increase Brand Awareness – NEW Instagram Software

Instagram is no doubt one of the most powerful marketing platforms at the time of me writing this.

Brands have gone “viral” overnight just by being shared and exposed to the right audiences on Instagram.

But for marketers like you and me, it’s been very difficult to automate and scale Instagram accounts on autopilot or create any sort of social media service where you manage the accounts of brands, because there hasn’t really been a solution to schedule, automate and grow your accounts on complete autopilot.

Because…let’s face it…no normal person has hours and hours per day to be sitting on their mobile phone liking and following pictures and accounts and also hand selecting the right photo and posting it at the perfect time to get maximum exposure.

So, there’s really two main factors that need to be automated for marketers to really be able to take advantage of Instagram and leverage it’s full potential.

#1 we need a way to schedule and automatically post our photos. Because, like I mentioned, no one has time to always be sitting by their phones to hit Share at the perfect time each day.

Marketers really need a way to automate and schedule posts, and ideally from some sort of a web app, that you or an outsourcer can log on from anywhere in the world.

Until now, a solution for this either didn’t exist, or if it did it was ridiculously expensive.

But, luckily, there is a solution now that it’s extremely affordable.

It’s called Instamate.

Now, the #2 feature that we need as marketers is some sort of a way to automatically build and grow our following.

Because the scheduling and post automation feature is great, and if you include a few hashtags, you will grow your account some…but it’ll basically be at a snail pace, unless you’re a celebrity like Kevin Hart and can instantly attract millions of followers overnight.

And for the average account, you attract more followers by first following others and liking and commenting on photos.

But, again, nobody has the time to manually be doing that each and every day…especially if you’re a social media agency and you’re managing multiple accounts.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, there actually are quite a few like and follow Instagram bots on the market…some are legit…some will most likely get your account banned.

But I’ve found one that #1 works and #2 is crazy affordable, so it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

It’s called Instaeasy.

So, in summary to completely automate and grow your Instagram accounts on complete 100% autopilot I would recommend investing in and combining Instamate and Instaeasy.

Now, there’s tons of ways you can use and leverage these tools to create sustainable income for yourself.

You can create a marketing agency and use these tools to automatically manage and grow your client’s accounts.

You could create your own accounts from scratch and use these tools to market and promote your own products and services.

Or you could purchase existing Instagram accounts, use a tool like Instaeasy to increase the followers significantly, and then turn around and flip that same account on a similar marketplace where you purchased it from.

So, the possibilities are pretty much endless with what you can do with these tools, but they’re definitely save you lots of time trying to do things manually and allow you to manage multiple accounts and scale with ease.