Coinbase Review – Coinbase Verification Levels

Look, I’m not saying I’m going crazy and hopping on the bitcoin train, but it’s an obvious and very simple opportunity to invest in something that’s growing in popularity…and it’s actually pretty dang simple to profit from.Coinbase Verification Levels

So, there are dozens of bitcoin wallets online, but probably the most well-known is Coinbase.

And Coinbase shows you on their website the historical prices of bitcoin if you click on the current price…

Folks, it ain’t rocket science to figure out when is a good time to buy and sell.

For instance, in late 2013 the price of Bitcoin shot up higher than it’s ever been.

Within about a year, it dropped down to a little over $200.Coinbase Verification Levels

Now, again, I’m no rocket scientist or brain surgeon, but the little I do know about following the prices of things like gold and silver are: buy low, sell high.

And if you have a historical graph showing you that the price has been high before and trends and technology are still moving in a positive direction, but the price is currently low…BUY!

So, that’s my two cents on investing in Bitcoin.

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